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Basic Ops

Flying the Cardinal
'68 Ops
Initial Training?

Standard Ops

Starting: Cold and Hot
RG (Fuel Injected)
FG (Carburated)*

Ground operations
Taxi issues

Takeoff & Climb
Takeoff hints
Climb speeds

Normal cruise

Rules of thumb
RG gear hints

Normal Landings
Guy's advice

Basic Cardinal Operations

While many experienced pilots may perform a nearly perfect flight in a single thread of smooth actions, most of us learn a piece at a time. First the basics, then the fancy stuff.

These pages are presented in the same way. The basics are about those things you'll need to know before you start doing test flights, demo rides or your first flights of training. Things you should know about the Cardinal, or things you may have wondered or been asking about operating a Cardinal.

Once you have these under your belt, graduate to the advanced operations and we'll get into high altutude turbo heat reduction and other fun subjects.

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