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Why do I have to be a member to read parts of the web page?

A few folks have asked why we have this membership section, why can't it all be free?

There are many reasons, but here are a few:
  • Privacy   Inside the membership area we use names, phone numbers, email addresses... all the details that our privacy policy will not allow us to post on the open internet. The members who have posted information want their information be open to other members, but not to the many spammers and spiders who are roaming the open internet.

  • Access control    It's true, inside the membership section you will find the word Airplane on the same page as Radio Shack. You would not want YOUR name to come up on that page when someone from the FAA does a search.. the way it is, only members can see those pages.

  • Archive Control   The complete combined wisdom of the Cardinal Flyers is on these pages and in the archives... we don't hold anything back. Our tools let members research it quickly and completely. Together, we have spend years building up this information, and it's only right that it be held for the benefit of those members who built it up.

  • Copyright Protection   All information on this site is copyright CFO. We prefer the policy of keeping it in the family to start with rather than letting the whole world have access then complain when our pictures and information starts showing up elsewhere. We consider ourselves a tribe, and trust that the tribe won't steal from itself.

  • Accountability   There are many areas within the site where members enter information directly. We limit this entry to members only.. if you have seen the comments and general trash on the open systems, then you know why. We have only one place where non-members can enter text visible to others, and we have to delete something from that spot about once a month.

  • Funding   Yes, a site like this costs money to maintain. No one is getting rich here, but we do have a little cash flowing in order to keep the virtual lights on. We've love to have you join us!

In some ways we are a media company.. we don't create the news so much as report it in an organized and useful format. Unfortunately our view volumes don't let us operate in full-free mode like some major news outlets. But like a good news magazine, we strive to offer good value for our modest membership fee.

Keith Peterson, Webmaster, Cardinal Flyers Online.

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