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About Public Social Media

Public social media is a great place to fly our colors, tell people what we do with our Cardinals, share how much fun we have with Cardinals, and encourage readers to join us in the joy of discovering and ultimately owning a Cardinal.

We have accounts on some of those systems, so you may see us in various virtual public places from time to time. We will gather certain interesting content from those public forums for the enjoyment of our digest readers who prefer information summaries.

However, public social media is not a good place to discuss Cardinal issues past or present. The internet amplifies any hint of weakness and can in minutes turn a momentary concern into long-lasting rumors of a fleet-grounding catastrophe. You can help shoot down those wild public rumors!

The Cardinal community will be best served by keeping the give and take of issue management and problem solving inside the CFO family while encouraging interested and inquisitive public readers to join us in CFO.

Most social media is public and perpetual: things you post there will always be there, for better or worse, for anyone to see. There are some subjects which really should not be shared in such a public forum.

Perhaps most importantly, anyone can pretend to be an expert on public social media. As a result a large percentage of the 'advice' is inaccurate, wrong and/or dangerous. There are many striking examples of bad advice in those forums.

The CFO website provides a great deal of freely accessible information for shoppers, so we are not leaving out shoppers. But serious shoppers need the deeper content which requires joining the family for access. The small investment of membership is a wise first step in their ownership process.

CFO is a safe place to discuss Cardinals in part because it is not public:
  • Your comments and information in our system will not come up in Google search. Your comments stay with us, even if you are buying parts at NAPA!
  • The people you are getting advice from are real, known people.
  • These people have made a commitment to Cardinal ownership through their CFO membership.
  • Discussion and answers flow under the watchful eyes of the CFO principles and our community of experienced and knowledgeable members.
  • We support, embrace and guide the learning process for all, helping new folks catch up while advancing our community knowledge at the edges of current understanding.
Our members are our best cheerleaders. We thank you for guiding interested people to CFO when you find them in public forums, for your engagement in our community, for keeping family discussions within the family, and for your ongoing support of CFO.

With your help, we will continue to support and enhance Cardinal ownership for you and for all Cardinal owners for many years to come. We are looking forward to it!