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Community First Steps

Now that you have access here are a few suggestions to help you personalize your experience:

  1. Confirm that your name and data are correct: These data, including your aircraft info, are pulled from your user profile on the CFO web page. Get these correct early as this is how people will refer to you.

    How: Navigate to your profile page to edit the fields needed to set things right. The main (first) email address will be used.

  2. Upload an avatar image: Each member may upload a photo of your face, your airplane or your favorite image. This is the image which will represent you in the community, so consider well!

    How: Left click on your avatar, select the gear, click on the Profile Picture action button and select your favorite image. Check your results and either add or crop white space to get a pleasing result.

  3. Select your desired theme: You may have a dark or a light theme.

    How: Left click on your icon, select the gear, click on Interface and select the theme you prefer.

  4. Choose your view: Most users find that either the Latest or New views are more efficient for interacting with the community on a daily basis, once you know your way around. If you strongly prefer to have the tool open in a different format you may set your view as you wish.

    Keep in mind that the Community also has a mobile mode which has slightly different presentation suited to the smaller screen. If you are a frequent mobile user your default view choice may be impacted.

    How: Click on your avatar in the upper right corner, select the gear icon, click on the Interface option along the left side and select your favorite Default Home Page. It will be remembered.

    Alternative: You can force the initial view by the URL you point to:
      The latest view will come up at
      The categories view will come up at