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CFO Email Digest Acronyms

Thanks to Claudia Ferguson for starting this list of acronyms occasionally used in our communications:

AFAIK   As Far As I Know
BTW     By The Way
BTDT    Been There Done That
FWIW    For What It's Worth
FYI     For Your Information
HTH     Hope This Helps
<g>     Grin
IIRC    If I Recall Correctly
IMHO    In My Humble Opinion
IRL     In Real Life
J/K     Just Kidding
LOL     Laughing Out Loud
NOYB    None Of Your Business
OIC     Oh I See
OTOH    On The Other Hand
ROTFL   Rolling On The Floor Laughing
RTFM    Read The Flaming Manual (or Read The Fine Manual)
TIA     Thanks In Advance
TTFN    Ta-Ta For Now
TTYL    Talk To You Later
YMMV    Your Mileage May Vary
10Q     Thank you
Some of the less obvious "Aviation" type acronyms might be:

A&P    Airframe & Power-plant (mechanic)
AI     Attitude Indicator
AD     Airworthiness Directive
ANR    Active Noise Reduction (for headsets)
ASI    AirSpeed Indicator
BAS    Manufacturer of safety belts and tail handles
CAT    Cotton fabric wire reinforced tubing
CAUV   Clear and Unlimited Visibility
CFO    Cardinal Flyers Online
CHT    Cylinder Head Temperature
CPA    Cessna Pilots Association
CS     Constant Speed
CV     Constant Velocity
DC     Dave Clark (headsets)
EGT    Exhaust Gas Temperature
FAR    Federal Air Regulations
FBO    Fixed Base Operatoir
FG     Fixed Gear
FSDO   Flight Standards District Office
FWF    Firewall Forward
GPH    Gallons per Hour
IA     Inspection Authorization
IMC    Instrument Meteorological Conditions
IRAN   Inspect and Repair As Necessary
LOP    Lean of Peak (exhaust temperature)
LPM    Light Plane Maintenance (publication)
MLG    Main Landing Gear
MP     Manifold Pressure
NDH    No Damage History
PIC    Pilot in Command
PMA    Parts Manufacturing Approval
POH    Pilot's Operating Handbook
ROP    Rich of Peak (exhaust temperature)
RG     Retractable Gear
SB     Service Bulletin
SCAT   Silicone fabric wire reinforced tubing
SMOH   Since Major Overhaul
SPOH   Since Prop Overhaul
STC    Supplemental Type Certificate
STOH   Since Top Overhaul
STOL   Short Takeoff and Landing
TAP    Trade-A-Plane (publication)
TBO    Time Between Overhaul
TIT    Turbine Inlet Temperature
TSO    Technical Standard Order
TSOH   Time Since Overhaul
TT     Total Time
TTAF   (TTA) Total Time on Airframe
TTSN   Total Time Since New
VMC    Visual Meteorological Conditions
Vmc    Velocity of Minimum Control (for twins, not us!)
VSI    Vertical Speed Indicator
337    FAA major repair or modification approval form
         (also a twin Cessna. Not us!)

HTH! ;-)

Claudia Ferguson N34147 '72 FG @ AJO, Corona CA

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