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Communications Announcement

CFO is pleased to announce a new feature designed to enhance communications within the CFO family.

This feature will improve interactions within the CFO community, provide quicker answers to your questions and allow an alternative to increasingly problematic email.

This feature will function in concert with our existing communications. Nothing is going away.

The new feature is the Cardinalflyers Community.

The CFO Community will provide an interactive environment for discussion, providing rapid interactions with reduced moderation. It will also furnish content for the CFO digest which will continue for those who prefer a more concise and periodic summary.

How will this work?

- Members will be able to interact in real time in the Community, asking and answering questions directly.

- Messages to the CFO Digest input will flow into the Community (with some manual involvement by CFO staff).

- New topics may be created directly in the Community.

- Replies to the CFO Digest questions may be made directly in the community: in fact this is very desirable due to the manual intervention required for message transfer.

- Portions of these interactions will be extracted from the community and compiled into the CFO Digest, along with other content of interest to our members.

- All current recipients of the CFO digest will continue to receive the CFO Digest.

It will be important for everyone to work together to transfer the positive, tolerant and encouraging CFO culture into this new environment. We thank you for your support.

Please make sure your primary email address, name and other data are correct in your Membership Profile before you start! Additional important information can be found on this page.

Also please review the Community Policy statement as well as our Public Social Media statement.

Once those details are complete, we look forward to seeing you in the community!

We recommend you start by clicking this link, which will start you in a mode where the categories are visible. There are various modes which you may control directly.